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3-FMA HCL is a crystal powder with exceptional purity and quality, guaranteed to cause psychostimulation. Commonly used to aid in the procurement of the skills necessary for a successful career, This is a powerful substance that is sold legally and safely, by vendor A.  It has been tested for quality assurance and has been found free of pesticides, fungus, bacteria, or other harmful substances. Buy 3-FMA HCL for your future.

3-FMA HCL is short for 3-Fluoro-3-Methoxy Amphetamine, a research chemical compound according to sfcc-chemicals. The batch was made by a solid vendor and has a reliable purity percentage. However, this is offered as a research chemical only and it should not be used for human consumption or in any kind of drug use of abuse. This product is sold strictly for laboratory use only. Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure quality, safety, and accuracy. However, as these are research chemicals there is no substitute for thorough lab work, appropriate precautionary measures must be taken when handling them

Uses & Effects.

3-FMA HCL is a white crystalline powder soluble in water, alcohol, and propylene glycol. In food chemistry, it is used as an acidity regulator, artificial sweetener or dispersing agent. It has been put into the market as a legal MDMA alternative with a great effect of euphoria.

It is know for its euphoric, stimulant like effects and it’s ability to induce intense and long lasting mind altering visuals. The effects that 3-FMA gives you can last anywhere from 3 – 5 hours, with a come down that’s moderate in comparison to the high.

3-FMA HCL Powder For Sale | SFCC-Chemicals.

We are glad to offer you 3-FMA (3-Fluoromethamphetamine) HCL. A simple and efficient synthetic route is to react 2,5-dimethoxyphenylacetone with formic acid in a strongly acidic environment. This gives N-formyl 3-fluoroamphetamine, which can be cyclized to the desired compound in 70% yield for the two steps”


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