4-AcO-DET Powder

4-AcO-DET Powder

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4-AcO-DET is short for 4-Acetoxy-DiEthylTryptamine, a psychedelic tryptamine.

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4-AcO-DET is short for 4-Acetoxy-DiEthylTryptamine, a psychedelic tryptamine. It has been used in the past to relieve anxiety and depression and promote sleep. It can be mixed with an appropriate carrier substance and then consumed orally.

4-AcO-DET (4-acetoxy-N,N-diethyltryptamine) is a chemical from the tryptamine family. It is similar in structure to psilocybin which means it has psychedelic properties.

4-AcO-DET is known for its psychedelic effects, which are reported to be similar to those of LSD. Users often report profoundly “spiritual” experiences with this compound. It has also been shown to effectively treat anxiety, PTSD and OCD.

Uses & Effect.

4-AcO-DET powder is a legal and safe alternative to the illegal party drug 4-AcO-DMT. Because of its long lasting and effective effects, we recommend starting with a low dose at first. Because of the bitter taste, we recommend adding it to a small amount of flavored juice or taking it with a strong flavorless juice like apple or grape juice. The powder purity is very consistent, and is usually around 90%.

4-AcO-DET Powder
4-AcO-DET Powder

This is a psychedelic drug and has no known adverse health effects. Unlike other psychedelics, it is said to produce few to no visuals, but instead provides a body high. Users report an almost immediate onset and short duration of action, along with mild stimulation and dissociative effects similar to MXE.

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