4-CMC Crystal

4-CMC Crystal

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4-CMC crystal, a psychoactive substance derived from lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), has been known to stimulate the serotonin receptors in users’ brains.

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It is a research chemical and is also known as 4‑Chloromethcathinone. This chemical is best known for its ability to produce an empathogenic state among other entheogenic states. This can be achieved by either HCl or HCL method, which are two different ways to making the chemical. Despite the fact that it comes in crystalline form, the 4-CM crystals are commonly produced in either powder or chunk (also known as brick).

It is a new synthetic cannabinoid and a strong psychedelic. It has a crystaline appearance and can go by the names of 4-CMC, 4-CM, white Disney, 4-CMCT, Pixie powder, and Mickey. This substance was developed by Pfizer in the 1990′s as an analgesic that only needed to be taken once a day due to its high bioavailability, however, development was discontinued shortly after it was made due to unknown side effects. It has recently been seen being sold as a research chemical on certain websites, also known as designer drugs.

Uses & Effects.

4-CMC Crystal is a trans isomer of the stimulant cathinone, an amphetamine analog that has effects similar to MDMA, amphetamine, and 3,4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA). 4‑Chloromethcathinone is intended for use as a chemical intermediate for the production of the 4-CMC dosage form.


4‑Chloromethcathinone, a psychoactive substance derived from lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), has been known to stimulate the serotonin receptors in users’ brains. Typically taking the form of bright powders, it can be easily confused with other highly potent psychedelics such as 2C-C and 25I-Nbome.

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