4 AcO DET Powder

4 AcO DET Powder

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Discover the best place to buy 4 AcO DET powder USA with our premium quality products. As a trusted supplier, we ensure the highest purity and potency for your research and personal needs. Our pure 4 AcO DET, also known as 4-Acetoxy-N,N-diethyltryptamine, is a synthetic compound popular among researchers and enthusiasts for its unique properties. Shop with confidence on our secure website, offering fast shipping across the USA and worldwide.

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Best 4 AcO DET Plugged Online | SFCC-Chemicals

Explore our user-friendly platform and discover the perfect Smoking 4 aco det variant to suit your needs. From powder to capsules, we provide convenient options for administration, empowering you to tailor your experience according to your preferences.

Experience the ultimate synthesis of mind and spirit with 4-aco-det for sale from us. Embrace the infinite possibilities of consciousness expansion and personal growth. Begin your odyssey today and redefine your perception of reality with our premium offerings.


  • Threshold: 2-5 mg
  • Light: 5-10 mg
  • Common: 10-20 mg
  • Strong: 20-30 mg
  • Heavy: 30+ mg

Note: Sensitivity to psychedelics varies widely between individuals. Always start with a lower dose to assess your sensitivity.


  • Onset: 20-60 minutes
  • Peak: 1-2 hours
  • Duration: 4-6 hours
  • After-effects: 2-4 hours


4-AcO-DET is a powerful psychedelic that should be approached with caution and respect. Proper preparation, dosing, and a mindful approach can help ensure a positive and enlightening experience. Always prioritize safety and well-being.

Disclaimer: This guide is for informational purposes only. It is not an endorsement or recommendation to use 4-AcO-DET. Always consult with a medical professional before using any psychoactive substances.

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buy 4 aco det powder usa
buy 4 aco det powder usa

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  1. Luis Florez

    I’m very happy with Sfcc-chemicals. I’ve had no bad experiences so far. Placed several orders and received them both.. Thx Sfcc-chemicals

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