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DCK (Deschloroketamine) Users Guide

1. Dosage

  • Threshold: 5-10 mg
  • Light: 10-25 mg
  • Common: 25-50 mg
  • Strong: 50-100 mg
  • Heavy: 100+ mg
  • Note: Start with a low dose to assess individual sensitivity.

2. Effects

  • Onset: 20-60 minutes (oral), 5-15 minutes (intranasal)
  • Peak: 1-2 hours (oral), 30-60 minutes (intranasal)
  • Duration: 3-6 hours
  • After-effects: 1-2 hours

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  1. meciar.filip

    My lab rats got most intense visuals from this chem. (in matter of dissociatives only), but tolerance bulids up pretty fast and I wouldnt recommed to research tis echemical very often, because od your rats health 🙂 never the less, one of best dissko, after special K. o-pce… Shipping was fast and customer service friendly 🙂

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