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Potency and Dosage

Etonitazene is significantly more potent than morphine and even more potent than fentanyl. Because of its high potency, precise dosing is critical to avoid severe side effects or overdose. In a research context, doses are typically measured in micrograms (μg).


Etonitazene is generally administered via injection (intravenous or intramuscular), but it can also be absorbed through mucous membranes or transdermally. Due to its potency, it should be handled with extreme caution.


Etonitazene is a powerful synthetic opioid with significant research applications. Due to its high potency and potential risks, it must be handled with extreme caution under strict safety protocols. Always adhere to legal and safety guidelines to ensure responsible use.

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buy etonitazene usa
buy etonitazene usa

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