5-fluoro MDMB-PICA

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Due to its high potency, dosages are generally measured in micrograms (mcg). Users must be extremely cautious with dosing:

  • Threshold Dose: 50-100 mcg
  • Light Dose: 100-250 mcg
  • Common Dose: 250-500 mcg
  • Strong Dose: 500-1000 mcg

Note: Exceeding the recommended dosage increases the risk of severe adverse effects.


  • Inhalation (Smoking/Vaping): Most common method. Effects are felt within minutes and last 1-2 hours.
  • Oral: Effects take longer to onset (30-60 minutes) and last longer (4-6 hours).


5-Fluoro MDMB-PICA is a powerful synthetic cannabinoid with significant psychoactive effects and potential health risks. Users must exercise extreme caution, adhere to safe dosing practices, and be aware of the legal implications. Due to the risks associated with synthetic cannabinoids, considering safer alternatives is advisable. purchase 5-F-MDMB-PICA USA

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Purchase 5-f-mdmb-pica usa
Purchase 5-f-mdmb-pica usa

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