3-HO-PCP HCL Powder

3-HO-PCP HCL Powder

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3-HO-PCP, which is known as 3- Hydroxyethenidine or 3-Hydroxy-2 -Oxopropyl)Carbonate is a new dissociative anesthetic drug with efficacy.

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3-HO-PCP, which is known as 3- Hydroxyethenidine or 3-Hydroxy-2 -Oxopropyl)Carbonate is a new dissociative anesthetic drug with efficacy. It is also an analog of Phencyclidine (PCP ). What is pharmacokinetics? It can be easily absorbed into the blood. The half-life of this compound is about 4–7 hours. Furthermore, it can be quickly metabolized to 2 hydroxy pcp carbonate and excreted in the urine.

If you are seeking a legal, synthetic alternative chemical substitute to the illegal drug PCP or “angel dust”, you have found it! This is an anonymous chemical, but we do not believe it violates any laws as there are no hallucinogenic effects in the product.

Uses & Effects.

The chemical structure of it is identical to that of PCP, but its effects are different. White crystalline powder, odorless, somewhat bitter taste. Can be easily dissolved in water or ethanol and other organic solvents, insoluble in ketones and glycerol. Insufficient studies have been conducted to determine the addictive potential of this substance.

How to use3- Hydroxyethenidine HCL? it is a research chemical, used for dissociation and hallucinogenic purposes. It is intended for laboratory use only. And it can be toxic if taken with alcohol or other recreational drugs.

3-HO-PCP HCL Powder
3-HO-PCP HCL Powder

3-HO-PCP HCL For Sale | SFCC-Chemicals.

3-HO-PCP HCL (hydrochloride) is a novel dissociative anesthetic compound that has recently been sold worldwide on the internet and elsewhere as a research chemical. We believe our product is superior to any available non-controlled scientific chemical on the market, hence our high asking price.

Our goal for this page is to inform you about our products and how they can be used. The substance has been banned in the US since the 1970s, but by acquiring it internationally, we are able to provide you with a dependable source.

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