MXiPr HCL Powder

MXiPr HCL Powder

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(Methylisopropylamine Hydrochloride) is a chemical compound that may be used in various industrial applications, including as an intermediate in organic synthesis or as a reagent in chemical research. Join countless satisfied researchers who trust us for their MXiPr HCL powder needs. Explore our extensive selection and take advantage of our competitive pricing.

Typical Dosage Ranges:

  • Microdoses: 1-5 mg – Typically used for preliminary studies to assess baseline effects and tolerance.
  • Low Dose: 5-15 mg – Often used to study threshold effects and minimal active dosages.
  • Moderate Dose: 15-30 mg – Utilized for observing more pronounced effects and interactions.
  • High Dose: 30-50 mg – Used in experiments requiring significant observable effects, with higher risk and greater caution needed.

Note: These dosages are indicative and should be tailored based on specific research requirements and safety protocols.

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buy mxipr hcl powder usa
buy mxipr hcl powder usa

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  1. Lyon

    My favourite disso of the bunch great body high for my plant and love the shorter duration compared to other dissociatives

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