2 MAP Powder

2 MAP Powder

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2 MAP is the latest and best drug to hit the market.

2 MAP (AP 237) powder | SFCC-Chemicals.

2 MAP Powder is a powerful mixture of ingredients that have been shown to help people get lean, look fit, and feel great. 2-ml servings are measured out for you so you can mix them in water or add them to your favorite food or beverage. 5-gram capsules contain 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade caffeine anhydrous and vitamin B12 at clinical doses suited perfectly to ignite your physical and mental responses.

Why take MAP Powder? It’s all about absorption. This unique powder is processed, so it’s not raw like other molybdenum products and requires less frequent dosing. Plus, 2 MAP Powder is made with powerful antioxidants like green tea extract, which have been shown to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels already in a normal range for a healthy heart.

2 MAP Powder increases your protein intake, which supports the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Having adequate protein in your diet is essential to maintaining your body’s metabolism and helping you maintain a healthy body weight, both of which are important for overall health.

Uses & Effects.

2MAP Powder can provide a safe and healthy way to lose weight. A proper diet and regular exercise are still required, but 2 MAP Powder may help suppress the appetite slightly to make it easier to eat less.

This is a powerful supplement that can help you build lean muscle and burn fat. Whether you’re looking to bulk up, or just lose weight, it can be part of your regimen.


This product is widely used in organophosphorus insecticide, fumigant, and acaricide. It can be used in the control of cutworms, armyworms, sod webworm, and San Jose scale, four-lined plant bugs, phloem leafhopper insects

2 MAP(AP 237) powder For Sale | SFCC-Chemicals.

At 2MAPPOWDERDRUG we believe in the same values that have been important to you during your long journey with your pet. Our mission is to provide merchant services and more while maintaining a friendly and informative tone.

We are specialized in the research, development, and manufacture of 2,4-Diaminopyridine (2MAP) drug with good quality and competitive price. Our products have been exported to many countries and regions all over the world, especially to Europe, America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

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