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Fluonitazene HCL is a new generation herbicide of flowable powder, which is the first registered product by the technology of organofluorine.


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Fluoro is a new generation herbicide of flowable powder, which is the first registered product by the technology of organofluorine. It can be used for the control of broadleaf weeds in rice and other fields, including 14 species of wild-weed in China. It also has a rapid absorption, fast and durable effect, as well as a low residual toxicity.

Fluonitazene HCL is a drug which is widely used in ophthalmology to relieve acute and chronic pain and inflammation of the eye. While treating for infections in the eye by this drug, one may see an increase in the dilation of cornea. This temporary side effect is known as corneal fluorescein staining.

Uses & Effects.

Fluonitazene HCL functions as a vasodilator that improves blood circulation and promotes necrosis of adipose and other tissues, which helps patients lose weight. Also, it can reduce the invasion of cancer cells and overcome the resistance to chemotherapy. Patients’ quality of life is rescued.


Many people are curious about how Fluonitazene HCL can help them. To understand how it works, it helps to know that Fluonitazene HCL is an immune health supplement. This powerful immune health supplement contains a blend of herbs and antioxidants that act together to support healthy immune system function and overall well-being.

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Buy Fluonitazene HCL online at affordable prices in USA. Fluorine nitrate, also known as Fluonitazene Hydrochloride, is a drug that produces effects similar to the hallucinogen PCP when taken in large quantities. Some scientists believe it is an important chemical for new medicine development, such as medicines for depression treatment, but it is not yet sold online in the United States.

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