Primobolan A/E

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Primobolan A/E (also known as Methenolone Enanthate) is a mild androgen with a pronounced anabolic effect. In combination with a diet rich in calories, it helps the body recuperate after a hard workout or stressful period.

Primobolan A/E is a potent anabolic steroid that primarily exhibits significant gain in muscle mass accompanied by a moderate amount of fat loss. Unlike most anabolic steroids, it also exhibits one of the lowest aromatase inhibitor activities among all known anabolic steroids and hence has a minimal tendency to convert into estrogen. Due to its capacity to inhibit estrogenic side effects, it is often preferred over other strong bulking agents such as Anadrol 50 and Dianabol.

Uses & Effects.

Primobolan A/ (Ace Ester) will give you an energetic boost in your workouts without the stress of estrogen conversion. Primo esters are known for having minimal aromatization and fast recovery.

Primobolan A/E
Primobolan A/E

Primobolan A/E is a powerful combination of two steroidal compounds, Methenolone Enanthate and Enanthate Ester. This blend of injectable esters allows for a more rapid recovery time and a faster excretion rate. Over the same period of use, you can expect to reap some very positive results. Primobolan A/E induces an amazing boost in strength and muscle mass. Your training sessions will be more enjoyable, and your body will like you for it. While the side effects are mild, they are easily managed while on cycle. This is a great addition to any set of steroids and when used correctly, can turn any beginner into a seasoned professional.

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