Masteron E/P

Masteron E/P

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Masteron E/P is a new oral anabolic steroid, recently released as part of a more potent anabolic steroid “stacked” combination.

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Masteron E/P is a new oral anabolic steroid, recently released as part of a more potent anabolic steroid “stacked” combination. It is favored among bodybuilders and athletes because it’s milder than many other anabolic steroids. The name comes from its structure, which consists of two different types of esters: the first represents the hormone’s ability to bind to the estrogen receptor and the second represents a 17alpha-alkylated structure that enables it to remain active for a longer period of time in the human body.

This is a 1-ethyl derivative of DHT. It was derived in 1967 and has not been approved by the FDA. Manufacturers recommend that you first use Nandrolone (Deca-Durabolin, Durabolin) for 8 to 10 weeks at a dosage of 50mg to 100 mg per day. Once the desired effect is obtained, Masteron E/P can be administered to maintain the results.

Uses & Effects.

Masteron is a type of steroid that has been used by many athletes in bodybuilding, fitness, and athletics. It can be seen as an alternative to testosterone because it works to bring about muscle mass and strength gains. This helps users stay in good physical condition and also gives them a healthier lifestyle.


It is a steroid that is almost identical to Deca Durabolin in nature. It has a number of therapeutic and medical uses and therefore can be used by people without a prescription, although this practice is illegal in most countries. However, it must be noted that anabolic steroids are highly controlled drugs and the law dictates that they should not be used without prior approval from a doctor.

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Buy Masteron Online. Buy Masteron Steroids for Sale :::. (Drostanolone Enanthate) is a DHT derivative with powerful anabolic and weak androgenic effects. It is very similar to Masteron propionate but has a lower dosage: 100 mg per ml vs. 200 mg/ml respectively. The active life of this drug is very short due to the short-acting enanthate ester (usually 10 days). This can be taken with specific routes of application, primarily in cycles lasting between two and four weeks, sometimes with combinations that include other steroids such as Testosterone Propionate or Trenbolone Acetate.

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